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Branding is important for businesses and we incorporate visual elements on our photo and video experiences that helps to tell our clients or sponsors brand story.

Here is an example of the branding options we created and the results

Client: Mackenzie Investments


Videos Created: 74

Total Shares: 225

Total Impressions: 55767

Total Reach: 16497 

The 360 Videos are branded with clients or sponsor logos.  This will provide visibility when the guests share their videos on social media and digital platforms!

Custom Microwebsite

A microsite is a custom website created for your event. It allows your guests to share their videos and its designed to showcase the clients brand. We can add hyperlinks to direct users to your social pages or website for added exposure. 

Untitled (1080 × 1080 px).png

Custom Email HTML

When customers email themselves their photos/videos, we customize every email to match the clients branding or theme of the event. A message or call to action can be added to the email

Untitled (1080 × 1080 px) (1).png

Sharing Station - Customer Interface

The sharing station is a kiosk/stand with an ipad interface that allows guests to send themselves videos or photos via email, text message or QR code. we can customize. This screen can be completely customized with the clients or sponsors branding 

RCCSTORE23-FINAL(2400 × 1600 px) (2400 × 2400 px) (1).png

Vinyl Branding and 3d pop-up backdrop

The 360 booth platform can be branded with vinyl wrap with your sponsor or client logos. Also the pop-up backdrop can be customized to your liking. It will serve as the perfect accessory to the 360 Videobooth visibility for your brand

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