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Toronto International Film Festival 2022 and
Nigerian High Commission


At the 47th Toronto Internal Film Festival (TIFF 2022), the Nigerian High Commission celebrated Nollywood stars and the premiere of 2 films - ‘Elesin Oba, The King’s Horseman” and "Anikulapo". We were thrilled to provide our 360 booth to entertain guest throughout the evening

100+ Guests

57 Sessions


The experience included:

- Instant sharing of videos via email, QR code, text message and airdrop

- Branded Videos with TIFF logo and Nigerian High Commission logo

- Sync music with the video 

- Auto edited videos and pro-lighting

- Microsite created specifically for the event that functioned as a live gallery where guests could easily download their videos

- Analytics that captured email and text message useful for promotions and marketing

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